The Zero Waste Garden

Nothing is wasted when you learn how to recycle your yard debris and kitchen scraps.

Features expanded content including:
  • Food waste reduction strategies
  • Soil-building techniques
  • A deeper dive into hot composting for yard waste
Classes are recommended for ages 6 to adult. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Classes are FREE.
Spring class schedule will be posted early in 2018.
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Are you a composting novice? Are you looking for new ideas to turn your garden waste into something special? This series overview will help you decide your next steps.
Food Waste
Recycling and Composting
Reduce the waste you send to the landfill by recycling kitchen scraps at home. You’ll hear the pros and cons of several food waste reduction strategies, and learn about do-it-yourself and off-the-shelf systems.
Topics include: Bokashi, Digesters (anaerobic), Vermiculture
Planting an Ecosystem:
Natural Soil-Building Methods
Learn how organic waste can mimic and incorporate natural relationships and systems into your garden. Long-term soil-building techniques feed your soil and increase its fertility with time.
Topics include: Hügelkultur, Lasagna garden,
Better Backyard Composting
Your garden becomes more self-reliant when you turn yard waste into rich, organic compost.

We’ll dig deeper into active, hot and passive techniques, and demonstrate how to balance carbon and nitrogen to really fire up your compost pile.
Advanced Composting and Troubleshooting
Take your composting skills to the next level. We’ll review soil structure and testing and essential components to get your pile hot.

Bring photos of your own compost pile or worm bin for recommendations.
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