Completed Ferry Projects

2012: Christine Anderson Drydock 2010

The MV Christine Anderson underwent its biannual U.S.Coast Guard inspection/certification in August and Septemeber.

2012: Steilacoom Terminal Renovation

Pierce County completed a major remodel of the Steilacoom Ferry Terminal in May 2012 .

Benefits included reducing energy costs, making the building more comfortable and serviceable for customers, giving employees more room, and extending the life of the building. Interior additions included energy-efficient windows, a public wireless internet connection, office space, larger and updated bathrooms, and an upgraded heating and cooling system. Exterior improvements included a new entrance, refinished benches, columns and railings, and fresh paint.

The Town of Steilacoom's Preservation and Review Board examined the building to ensure it meshed with the community's historic look.

Last renovated in 1986, the project cost $470,000 and was funded with a portion of fare revenue set aside by the county for capital projects. 

2010: Anderson Island Ferry Parking Lot Modifications

The Steilacoom Historical School District and Pierce County worked in partnership to improve the existing school bus stop and parking lot at the Anderson Island ferry terminal. Construction work began August 20, 2010 and was completed by the end of the month, before school started September 2.

Prior to the improvements, the school bus stop was at the intersection of Villa Beach Road and Yoman Road, adjacent to a bluff that drops off to the shoreline. In addition to the drop-off posing a potential safety risk for students, the former bus stop also increased traffic congestion during during ferry loading and unloading.

Improvements included the removal of existing planter boxes and the addition of a second approach to the parking lot that allows vehicles to enter/exit the lot while the school bus is loading or unloading. Some parking spaces were reconfigured. Finishing touches included new signs and a rain garden.

The cost for engineering and construction was $37,258, equally shared between the county and the school district.

2010: Ferry Terminal Preservation

During March and April, ferry system ramp preservation work took place at the Steilacoom, Ketron and Anderson Island landings. Work included repairs to a hydraulic cylinder and line boring of ramp hinges and hydraulic cylinder connections to improve function and extend the service life of the ferry ramp systems.

The project cost $71,000, with Federal Transit Authority (FTA) stimulus grant money financing $44,000 and county ferry budget funds paying the remaining $27,000. Quigg Brothers of Aberdeen, Washington performed the work.
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