Lakewood Generator Replacement Phase 6

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Updated 9/30/2017 - This project is now complete.

About the Project

The Contractor, Ceccanti, Inc., is replacing existing emergency natural gas generators at four sanitary sewer pump stations located throughout the City of Lakewood with new diesel generators. The work also includes replacement of electrical cabinet enclosures and installation of water backflow prevention devices, temporary generators, and removal of said temporary generators upon start-up of the new generators.  

This is Phase 6 of a preservation project that will replace emergency generators at 28 pump station sites within the ULID 73-1 service area. The generators are used during power outages to keep the sewage pump station in service and avoid a possible wastewater overflow.  

The existing generators were installed between 1983 through 1986, and have reached the end of their expected useful life.  Lack of replacement parts and manufacturer’s service technicians make these generators extremely difficult to maintain and create an unnecessary weak link in the collection system. Installing diesel generators will improve the strength of the collection system, reduce noise levels and reduce the cost of operating the pump stations.                                  

Project Locations Anticipated Construction Dates
Pump Station #50 Ponce de Leon
10429 Brooklane SW
April - July 2017
Pump Station #54 Cal-Mar
950 112th St. SW
April - July 2017
Pump Station #61 Chambers Creek
7201 Steilacoom Blvd. SW
June - August 2017
Pump Station #65 Topaz Drive
6821 Topaz Dr. SW
July - September 2017

Project Funding

Total Project Cost:

Approximately $440,000

Project Funding Sources:

Funded by sewer ratepayer fees

Construction Contractor:

 Ceccanti, Inc.

Project Timeline 

Begin Construction:

April 2017

Anticipated Completion Date:

September 2017

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