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The Tehaleh project will include a mix of land uses and provide for a range of employment, residential and recreational opportunities linked by a system of streets, trails and alleés (forested open space/trail corridors). A range of housing types and densities will provide for flexible responses to changing market needs and desires and will allow for a wide range of pricing choices and affordable housing options.

The overall conceptual plan for Tehaleh is intended to be a flexible document but one against which each specific application for development will be measured by Pierce County. Actual type, amount, pattern and density of development are permitted to vary in response to market conditions so long as they are consistent with the overall EBPC concept and the provisions of the Tehaleh Development Agreement.
Project History
Current Projects
Project History
  • Land Use Approvals
  • Development Agreements, 1999 and 2015
  • Plats
  • Environmental Documents

  • Zoning
  • Signs
  • Design Manual
  • Other

  • Development Agreements, 1999 and 2015
  • Phase 2 Major Amendment
  • New Rhodes Lake Road

Current Projects
  • Phase 2 Major Amendment and SEIS
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant - Phase II
  • Plats

What is an Employment Based Planned Community?
An Employment Based Planned Community (EBPC) is a planned community that addresses the full-range of needs of the residents, including housing, jobs, services, and recreation. Over the life of the project, the EBPC will provide an appropriate mix of jobs, services, recreation and housing. EBPCs are permitted through the Planned Unit Development (PUD) review process and approval by the Pierce County Hearing Examiner.
Key Requirements
Minimum Site Area – The site must be at least 320 acres.
Phasing Plan - A phasing plan must be provided to ensure development is served by adequate public facilities and services.
Permitted Uses - A variety of residential and non-residential uses will be permitted through Tehaleh specific zoning classifications.
Residential Density - The overall average residential density for the site must be between 4 and 8 units per acre.
Employment Center - A minimum 10 percent of the total gross area must be developed as an employment center.
Housing - Affordable housing will be provided for a broad range of income levels.
Planned Facilities

Please contact Robert Jenkins, Senior Planner, in the Current Planning Section of Planning and Land Services, at rjenkin@co.pierce.wa.us or at (253) 798-7016.