Current Projects


VHF Overlay Implementation

The Coverage Acceptance Test Plan (CATP) is expected to begin April 9th and expected to be completed by April 30th, and

Staring sometime in May, start testing the Fire station alerting at all fire districs throughout Pierce County.

CATP has completed.

We are starting the Fire Station Alerting Testing. And upon completion we will being the 30-day test period.

If there are no errors of the VHF Overlay system in the 30-day test period, final payment to the vendor will be made.

The project is projected to be completed in June of 2018.


Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Implementation:

The DAS Design Review process is still on-going with the validation of the head-end equipment, optical unit electrical outlet, antenna locations, and fiber pathways.

The CCN is also working with Corrections, Information Technology (IT), and Facilities Management to look at cost reductions by sourcing some of the work to IT and Facilities.