Code & Environmental Enforcement

Duties & Responsibilities

PALS is responsible for enforcing the provisions of the building codes, environmental regulations, stormwater management and site development regulations and discretionary land use permit conditions such as:
  • Home occupation / cottage industries
  • Construction without the required Building Permit
  • Regulated development without a Site Development Permit
  • Non-compliance of Hearing Examiner land use permit conditions
  • Critical Area Regulations (Title 18E), which includes: flood hazard areas, landslide and erosion hazard areas, fish & wildlife species and habitat areas, Wetlands and associated buffers
Pierce County Responds also has a role in enforcing the development regulations (Zoning, Shoreline, etc.) along with solid waste (garbage, junk vehicles, signs, etc.) in Pierce County. You can report a suspected violation of the regulations enforced by either section by using the Code Enforcement Hotline (253) 798-4636 or using the online form.