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Dan Roach
Dan Roach
District 1
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Pam Roach
District 2
Jim McCune
District 3

District 4
Rick Talbert
District 5
Vice Chair

District 6 
Derek Young
District 7
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2018-Exec-Proposed-Budget-thumbnailGet Engaged in your 2018 Budget!

For the latest meeting information, agendas, and more visit

The County Council was presented with a draft 2018 Budget on Sept. 19. The Council has begun an evaluation of the draft budget proposal with a series of Committee of the Whole meetings to gather information and drill down on budget requests.


17CB09-2m0162-HDRChambers Creek Regional Park Master Site Plan update

The Pierce County Council passed in a 5-1 vote the Chambers Creek Regional Park Master Site Plan update 2017-42. To watch the meeting click here.

For more information about the plan update go to Chambers Creek Regional Master Site Plan update. For information on the Chambers Creek Resort click here.

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The Council is the legislative branch of Pierce County government and is the policy-determining body of the County, as provided by the County Charter. The Council has all powers of the County not otherwise reserved to the people, the Executive, or general law.

The seven members are elected from each of seven contiguous and equally populated districts. Each county councilmember represents a district having a population of approximately 115,000 people (as of the 2010 Census) and is elected to a 4 year term.

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